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November 29th, 1963

On this day in 1963, President Johnson signed Executive Order 11129 designating facilities in Florida as the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

November 29th, 1963

On this day in 1963, President Johnson appointed a special Commission to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy, chaired by Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren.

“The special commission will have before it all evidence uncovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and all information available to any agency of the Federal Government.

“The Attorney General of Texas has also offered his cooperation. All Federal agencies and offices are being directed to furnish services and cooperation to the special commission. The commission will also be empowered to conduct any further investigation that it deems desirable.

“The President is instructing the special commission to satisfy itself that the truth is known as far as it can be discovered, and to report its findings and conclusions to him, to the American people, and to the world.”

November 29th, 1966

On this day in 1966, President Johnson issued a statement announcing a cutback in federal spending for the current fiscal year.

“I have ordered a fiscal 1967 budgetary cutback of $5.3 billion in Federal programs.

“With this reduction, we plan to achieve a $3 billion cut in Federal spending for the current fiscal year.”