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September 20th, 1960

On this day in 1960, LBJ attended the Democratic State Convention in Dallas.

September 20th, 1966

On this day in 1966, President Johnson gave remarks at a ceremony in connection with the School Savings Stamp Program.

“Now we will go to our people to borrow that money. As you can see, interest rates are going up. We have no national usury law in this country. There is no limit to what they can charge you, if we have to have the money.

“But we can appeal to all of our citizens to help their country in this period. We can ask the boys and girls to buy stamps. We can ask the men and women to authorize a deduction from their payroll.

“We can ask them to lend to their country, to their Government, to support the objectives of this society of ours. And to let us do the good things that we are doing to protect our freedom and our liberty, to help out with our health and our education, and to move forward at the cheapest rate possible.”

September 20th, 1966

On this day in 1966, President Johnson signed the Parcel Post Bill and the ZIP Code Week Proclamation.

“The first is a bill that very few people ever thought would really pass. It revises our archaic weight and size limitations on packages that we send through our mails. It provides a very modest rate increase to put the entire parcel post system on a sound financial footing.

“The second document before me concerns the ‘spontaneous cooperation of a free people.’ It is a proclamation designating the period of October 10 through October 15 as ‘National ZIP Code Week.’

I am convinced that the ZIP Code has done more than any other recent innovation to move our postal service out of the age of the horse and buggy.”