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August 19th, 1964

On this day in 1964, President Johnson signed a bill creating the National Commission on Technology, Automation, and Economic Progress. The President stated,

“This legislation creating a National Commission on Technology, Automation, and Economic Progress will help us meet our responsibility.

“Technology is creating both new opportunities and new obligations for us—opportunity for greater productivity and progress—obligation to be sure that no working man, no family, must pay an unjust price for progress.

“Automation is not our enemy. Our enemies are ignorance, indifference, and inertia. Automation can be the ally of our prosperity if we will just look ahead, if we will understand what is to come, and if we will set our course wisely after proper planning for the future.

“That is the purpose of this commission. I hope and I expect that its work will benefit the workingman and benefit the businessman, and serve the interests of the farmer and the professionals and all of our people in America.