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April 28th, 1961

On this day in 1961, in a memorandum, Vice-President Johnson, as chairman of the Space Council, answered President John F. Kennedy’s question,

“Do we have a chance of beating the Soviets by putting a laboratory in space, or by a trip around the moon, or by a rocket to land on the moon, or by a rocket to go to the moon and back with a man?”

In his response, the Vice-President said that, with respect to putting a multi-manned laboratory into space or manning a trip around the moon,

“With a strong effort the United States could conceivably be first in those accomplishments by 1966 or 1967.”

April 28th, 1966

On this day in 1966, President Johnson sent the 1966 civil rights bill to Congress. He proposed legislation that would ban discrimination in the sale and renting of houses. This was his first civil rights proposal that concerned a national problem, rather than merely inequalities limited to southern states.

He also asked for legislation to end discrimination in the selection of federal and state juries and to empower the attorney general to initiate suits to force desegregation of public facilities.